Quick Review – Twisted Metal (PS1)

I took some time last night to revisit one of my biggest childhood games, Twisted Metal.

I forgot how hard this game is! I kept losing miserably in the first two arenas until I finally realized this was going to take some strategy. I developed a hit-and-run tactic where I would go around collecting weapons, then find an enemy and basically “joust”: Go at an enemy head-on, but not straight in front of them – kind of off to the side, like in jousting. The reason for this is because more than half of the cars in the game have non-homing projectile Specials. So, if you’re not going at them head-on, they can’t hit you. Run at the enemy, then light them up – any weapons, always have machine guns firing, and Outlaw’s special in particular comes in handy, because it has an area of effect, so you don’t even have to be facing the enemy to do damage.

The unforgiving difficulty reminds me once more of how developers used to be fearless when making games. There’s always this concern nowadays that people are going to pick up your game, find it too hard, then tell everyone it sucks, thus hurting sales. I don’t really get that, especially when games like Dark Souls sell so well, but Twisted Metal is a perfect example of the days when you actually had to develop your own strategy to beat a game. You feel helpless when you’re thrown into this game with no idea what to do, but powerful when you find what works.

As a side note, I can totally see a League-of-Legends-style, F2P car combat game, where the drivers each have their own abilities and you have to develop strategies for using them effectively, and work as a team, and – oh man. I want to make this game. I’ll make it happen. WHO’S WITH ME?


~ by The Retro Gamer on March 16, 2014.

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