Pokémon concept art from 1990!

Well, this is fascinating. Concept art and storyboards for the Pokémon games, circa 1990! There are some really surprising pieces in here. I had no idea there was so much detailed concept art this old. It looks like the concept developed fast, and they ended up keeping a lot of stuff.

I love the little things brought out in detailed pieces like the guy sheepishly asking the girl to trade, and the detail put into the towns and shop scenes. It’s really amazing, and I wish more of this stuff had better translated into the anime. It would be great if future Pokémon games incorporated more of the atmosphere and feel of the art shown here.

Hit the link for the rest!

Pokemon Red and Green (Blue) Concept art: Deel 1


~ by The Retro Gamer on August 14, 2013.

3 Responses to “Pokémon concept art from 1990!”

  1. This is incredible.

  2. Wow these are super neat! That Kabiin thing looks like a really creepy version of Jigglypuff… I’m glad they changed that. Also, the atmosphere of these storyboards and concept arts are so charming and playful. I wish they kept more of that whimsical feel in the games.
    Very cool post!

    • I agree, the newer games especially have taken the series in a weird direction with sharp, clean lines and crazy fashions. It’s not necessarily a bad aesthetic, but I do miss the old, “whimsical” sketches like this and the pixel art of the Game Boy era haha. Thanks for the comment!

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