BioShock Infinite: revisited

I completed my second playthrough of BioShock Infinite tonight. This time, I was playing with my dad watching. He always has interesting takes on stories, and he’s watched me play games all the way through in the past, so I wanted his opinion on this one. He really liked it. I was surprised that although he didn’t pick up on the major plot twists until they happened, he understood more at the end than I did when I finished it the first time.

But he also made a REALLY interesting observation.

My only real issue remaining up to this point had been, “So they killed Comstock in one universe. Big deal. He’s still alive in a ‘million million’ others, according to Liz.”

My dad’s keen mind figured this one out right away.

You know how several Elizabeths show up at the end? Yeah, why is that? They’re representative of all the universes in which Comstock exists. And they have come to smother. Smother. Smother.

By ALL of them being there to smother Booker simultaneously at the source before he becomes Comstock, that breaks the connection in their worlds. So, Comstock, even the very idea of him, has been effectively smothered, and every world in which he existed, and every Elizabeth in those worlds, is now erased. Which is why, of course, they disappear one by one at the end. “Our” Elizabeth doesn’t disappear of course because she is from our Booker’s universe in which there is no Comstock.

This is the biggest lightbulb going off moment I’ve had in a long time. This game is still hitting me hard with how incredible the story is. They could have ended it in so many other ways that have been done recently (*space magic*cough*cough*) with Elizabeth’s powers being what they are. But they didn’t. They took it in a really interesting direction that throws you for a loop (see what I did there?) at first, but then it just makes sense. “It’s all a matter of perspective,” says Rosalind.

I wasn’t sure if I liked Infinite the first time I finished it, and I had to think about it. Now, after a LOT of thinking, and a 2nd playthrough, I’m sure – This is my game of the year 2013, easy. If nothing else because it MADE me think so much. The payoff of all that thinking with an actual, complete, coherent, awesome realization of the entire story is just a bonus.


~ by The Retro Gamer on May 16, 2013.

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