Random thoughts: No Hope difficulty in Resident Evil 6

My dad and I have gone through every on-disc difficulty in RE6 so far, and the game has just gotten more and more stale. The difficulty ramped up, but it just wasn’t enough. I discovered this primarily stemmed from having infinite ammo and other skills to make the characters more powerful. This was a huge advantage… until we got to No Hope. I discovered we were in fact sleeping through the game before we got to No Hope. The first 3 chapters of Leon’s campaign took us at least twice as long. No ammo, no extra skills, no health. Just pure adrenaline rush, shouting at each other to watch out and reload and run. This is basically Capcom’s answer to BioShock Infinite’s “1999 Mode”. I’m so glad they added it as DLC, because it completely breathed new life into the game.


~ by The Retro Gamer on March 8, 2013.

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