Sly Cooper and The Thievius Raccoonus

I started up Sly Cooper earlier today to test emulation settings, etc. Ended up playing for about an hour or so. Can’t believe I missed out on this game when it came out.

It’s a great platformer, harkening back to ’90s cartoony 3D platformers like Jersey Devil, Spyro, and Blasto.

What is so bizarre to me is when I play PS2 games on an emulator, and I see options for interlacing. Interlacing seems like such an old technique, yet games even 10 years ago with graphics that can stand up fairly well today were using it. TV tech just hadn’t quite caught up yet among the masses (when more TVs were progressive, it became more prevalent in games. The current generation doesn’t even bother with interlacing).

And then there’s all these crazy settings for the Emotion Engine. The PS2 era was the last great era of experimentation with games. Sly is a decent example of this, being on an engine (Kinetica) very similar to Unreal before everyone and their brother started using Unreal to make their games. The physics are really impressive, as is the animation. But then, those are usually staples of platformers. A better example I can think of is Wreckless on Xbox. The shaders, environmental damage, and bloom were quite impressive, but again, the interlacing and low resolution show the game’s age.

I may or may not do a video on this one. Recording may prove to be an issue due to the emulator already eating up a large amount of my CPU. So, we’ll see.



~ by The Retro Gamer on December 18, 2012.

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