Remember Me

This is the first thing you thought of.

Or this. But I really hope you didn’t think of this.

I mean, at the very least you should have thought of this.
I haven’t been following much of Gamescom this year, but there was a trailer that caught my attention. Dontnod Entertainment and Capcom’s upcoming Remember Me.

I gathered from the trailer that the game is going to be kind of a Total Recall/ Blade Runner/ Inception mashup with a dash of Mirror’s Edge. Being a huge fan of all of those (especially with Blade Runner being one of my favorite movies), I decided right away I was looking forward to Remember Me.

When did this big city get here?
But wait… Something looked awfully familiar to me about the visual style of that city. And “Dontnod Entertainment”? Where have I heard that before… ?

Then I remembered.

Dontnod made a presentation last year at Gamescom in which they showed off concept art of a game called Adrift. I remember seeing that and getting stoked back then that someone was making a futuristic/ cyberpunk-looking game with cool cityscapes, and I always wondered if it would ever actually go into production. Well, Remember Me is what it turned into after Capcom got involved.

That’s exciting to me, to see a game adrift (sorry, couldn’t resist) without a publisher, then BAM! Big name tosses some cash at it and it’s time to work and beat the deadline. It’s especially exciting when the main ideas behind the game are not particularly… mainstream, which to me often shows progress in the industry. Not really sure if that’s the case here, but nevertheless – the game looks freaking awesome so far.


~ by The Retro Gamer on August 15, 2012.

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