i can haz GoldenEye postmortem?

A few semesters ago, Michael France, the writer of GoldenEye, made a Skype call with one of my mass media classes, and he talked about his experiences as a writer. One thing that stuck out to me was that he commented on the success of the GoldenEye game… and he never saw a cent of that success.

I guess I bring that up because a large part of GoldenEye‘s success was the part that almost didn’t make it into the game.

I just read a Gamasutra article on GDC Europe folks getting to see GoldenEye‘s rare postmortem (Heh… rare… Rare… get it?…. Heh… ahem). I found it interesting and amusing that the famous multiplayer mode was tacked on, and the devs even went behind the publisher’s back to make it, as the game was already late. I also liked the fact that they mocked the publisher’s disdain for the game being initially too violent by adding in silly things like guys falling down in pain when shot in the crotch. I imagine this was also the catalyst for “paintball mode”. Needless to say, I would love to see the entire postmortem, and supposedly it will be on Gamasutra “some time in the next few weeks” (Simon Carless in a comment on the article). I never got to play GoldenEye very much as a kid (I wasn’t part of the slightly older generation that enjoyed packed rooms of teenagers crowded around a tiny tube TV and an N64 running 4-player-split GoldenEye), but I have had the GoldenEye experience and I can relate to that nostalgic feeling. 🙂

It also reminds me of better days in game development. I mean, a dev team getting away with a last-minute mulitplayer mode on a game already late? Yeah, try finding a case like that in the last 10 years. On a movie-based game that ended up being as successful as GoldenEye.

Here’s another take on the event by 1up’s Chris Pereira.


~ by The Retro Gamer on August 15, 2012.

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