Dual update – Syberia, Resistance: Fall of Man

I’ve been plodding through Syberia the past week or so, and tonight I started up a coop campaign of the original Resistance with my dad. Let’s start with that.

First of all, I had no idea this game came out in 2006. I mean, when you think about it, that’s old. Games were different in 2006, especially first person shooters. I would venture to say Call of Duty 4 (2007) and Gears of War (late 2006) were the two “next-gen” games that changed the way shooters would be made for the next several years up to today. Games like Dead Space, Mass Effect, and the new Binary Domain copy features like cover and the over-the-shoulder camera directly from Gears. Many FPSs since CoD4 have included the “iron sights” feature, and the ability to climb over short walls and the like (although CoD and Gears weren’t the first to do those things, they made those features popular). Resistance… doesn’t really have any of that. It was out before any of those features became obligatory in shooters, and it shows.

Resistance is a very simple shooter. No cover system, no hold-the-trigger-for-iron-sights, etc. It’s more akin to Medal of Honor than CoD. Just run and gun. Kinda… move behind this wall here and try not to get shot. Slide out whenever you feel like it to shoot at the baddies. Rinse, repeat. Very simple, but very typical of a rushed, early next-gen shooter.

See, I say “rushed”, but really, Resistance: Fall of Man is a nice game. It’s not as polished as it should be, no (the health system is weird, the textures are shoddy, and the HUD looks like it should have been scrapped in the alpha build), but it is a solid shooter for an early PS3 title. The inclusion of local coop is a nice bonus (though, once again, this was before devs started getting “too cool” for splitscreen).

So, all-in-all, a good start to the franchise, and it makes me want to play the next two games.

Syberia is an interesting point-and-click. It was made in the classical, LucasArts style of adventure games, where you can’t fail, and there’s always only one answer to everything, one linear path to take, you just have to find it. The only issue I have with the game so far is the voice acting and writing, both of which are horrible (the latter may be due to translation errors, since the developer is a French company). The story is interesting enough to keep me playing, though, and the subtle steampunk themes are also intriguing.

I’m trying my best to finish Syberia quickly, because I’d like to move on to other games ASAP. My Spring Break is coming up week after next, and I may have an opportunity to start playing coop Baldur’s Gate with a friend, which should be fun. After Syberia, I might start up Mass Effect again so I can refresh my memory on the story and then play the second and new third one. Or I might do a second playthrough of Final Fantasy XIII, which I beat when I borrowed it from a friend for 360, but I picked up the PS3 version recently for $10 at Best Buy, and it’s still shrink wrapped. Regardless, stay tuned.


~ by The Retro Gamer on March 3, 2012.

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