Mirror’s Edge – Wrap up

Well, that was quick! Finished Mirror’s Edge this morning; I’d say it took me a total of 6-7 hours. The last hour or so was REALLY frustrating. Lots of enemies to deal with, even while free running, and it became a shooter at times. The shooting mechanics are good, coming from a dev that does the Battlefield games, and Unreal helps. The free running controls such as left trigger that lets you slide into cover just makes combat that much smoother (seriously, all shooters should let you do that). While we’re on the subject of shooting, I was surprised at how many different kinds of guns are in this game for a (mostly) non-shooter. I almost never picked up the same weapon twice, and rifles and SMGs were especially varied.

Okay, I had a problem with the ending. They definitely set it up for a sequel, given earlier events (won’t give too much away), but the story ended so abruptly. They didn’t even give another fancy cartoon cutscene as an epilogue, just, “Oh, here’s the end, you win.” Interestingly enough, that makes this game feel all the more like the first Portal: That tech demo, this-is-what-we-can-do-what-do-you-think feel. If-you-like-it-we’ll-do-another-one.

Once again, I was taken aback by the drop-dead gorgeousness of Mirror’s Edge. As I was playing, I had to stop so many times just to stare at a hallway or room or cityscape. I’ve never seen such detailed textures in a game, ever. Most games that look good, you get up close and the textures are low-res and blurry, because they have to save memory and cut down on detail of things the player probably won’t look at too hard. This game, there are some iffy textures, but all the main stuff that you should be looking at, and even some that you aren’t, are of detail I would think would take a super computer to run well. But I run at a smooth 60, and my PC isn’t exactly a powerhouse. In short, Unreal 3 just continues to impress.

Something I forgot to mention in the previous post is that Faith talks, and I had no idea. It kinda ruined her mysteriousness for me, because I thought she was supposed to be like Gordon Freeman or Chell. In reality, though, the story probably wouldn’t have panned out as well if she didn’t talk. There wouldn’t have been as big an emotional attachment between Faith and other characters in the story. It would have to have been written completely differently, too. I like the way the story went, so no big deal.

The story itself was decent. It was essentially a murder mystery, which I wasn’t expecting. There were other elements with political connotations going on, though, that will definitely be a big part of the sequel, I’m sure. Once again like Portal, it’s kind of like they were feeling their way with this one, just sticking with a “safe”, “easy” murder mystery to see how people take it, then go all out for the second one.

Well, that was a nice little diversion from everything else I’ve been doing. I like games like that, and I liked Mirror’s Edge. I’ll most likely play through again soon to try my hands at Hard difficulty. It’s one of those games that you play once and you’re like, “AHH I DON’T KNOW WHAT I’M DOING!!!” But then you finish it, and you go,
“… Let’s try that again, shall we?”


I took more screens than I thought I would for part 2. Check them all out below. Again, use ’em however you want, credit is nice but do NOT claim them as your own. NOW HAVE AT IT.


~ by The Retro Gamer on December 20, 2011.

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