Edward Randy

I recently discovered this game when it was highlighted on… Kotaku? I believe? as being similar to Uncharted 3. I messed around with the sound effects on MAME with a friend and played a bit of the game. Randy’s voice overs are HILARIOUS, and I even used some (along with music from the game) for a video I recently uploaded. The game itself is a blast; classic 16-bit arcade craziness. Anyway, the comparisons are back, as 1up gives a funny little video feature on the games:


I think Ed Randy and Nathan Drake share some similarities, but from what I’ve seen of Uncharted, Randy provides little more than inspiration for Naughty Dog’s series, and no more than Indiana Jones would, honestly.

I would definitely like to see Ed Randy in HD, though. It’s one of those fun little gems you discover from back in the day that take you away from “sensible” Hollywood-wannabe storylines and high-res graphics, and make you go, “Oh yeah, this is what games used to be like…”


~ by The Retro Gamer on November 3, 2011.

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