GameStop to Stream PC… AND Console Games?

Well, now this is interesting. According to 1up, GameStop has bought out this company called “Spawn Labs”, which streams games, earlier this year. Okay, so GameStop is going to start streaming PC games, big deal. It wouldn’t be a very big deal, except they claim they will also be streaming console games… wait for it… to almost any device.

I’m not sure if this is even possible, let alone likely to actually happen. Console companies want games played on their systems, right?

Plus – Gears of War 3 on an iPhone? Can you imagine? I mean, it’s possible with cloud gaming. But why? I guess it’s one of those “just because we can” kinds of things…


~ by The Retro Gamer on August 19, 2011.

4 Responses to “GameStop to Stream PC… AND Console Games?”

  1. i think the wording on that might misinform people on what is actually happening, even if they game is being streamed from somewhere else, the device has to have the tech to handle the game, so i doubt we’ll be seeing 360/PS3 games on an iphone or ipad, not to mention the framerate and controls would suck. That being said, i will like to see what comes out of this, and more importantly, how much they plan on charging for this service.

    • True, although OnLive has proven PC games can be streamed to iPad already, and even the iPhone has some pretty powerful hardware for games. When it comes to streaming, graphics power isn’t important; it’s all in the strength of your internet connection, and probably CPU. But yeah, they definitely need to come up with a solution for the controls lol.

      In any case, streaming from consoles not only seems like it would be much more difficult than from a PC, but it would require so much cooperation from console companies for the rights. I’m not seeing it, but only time will tell. I, too, am interested to see what comes out of this, and what they’re going to charge.

  2. GameStop to Begin Streaming Console and PC Games Next Year…

    Spawn Labs, the streaming game company acquired by GameStop earlier this year, is currently in the process of beta testing a service that will stream both PC and console games to a variety of devices. The beta is on-going and will start to expand later…

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