Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Today, Valve announced a new Counter-Strike game to be released early 2012.

This is interesting and somewhat coincidental to me, because having just finished Portal 2, I’ve been thinking about what’s next for Valve. I thought it would be interesting if they started their “cycle” all over again that began in 2004: Release Counter-Strike on a totally new engine, release a new Half-Life shortly after, and so on.

It hasn’t been confirmed yet whether Global Offensive will use the Source engine or something new, but what do you guys think? New game, new engine, new era for Valve? Or will they use the L4D2/ Portal 2 Source engine, and just make it yet another Counter-Strike? Only time will tell.

EDIT: According to this Kotaku article, CS: GO is apparently using the latest Source engine as seen in Portal 2.


~ by The Retro Gamer on August 12, 2011.

2 Responses to “Counter Strike: Global Offensive”

  1. I hope it’s a new engine, even if I don’t have anything to play it on. Also, I’m thinking this is going to be Free 2 Play right out of the gate with the same kind of weapon drop system that TF2 has. They need more games to support the Steam Trading :p

    • Yeah, some are speculating it will be F2P. I’m thinking you may be right, even if it isn’t on a new engine (actually, especially so). Even though I haven’t used Steam Trading, you’re right, it does need all the support it can get. 😛 Either way, I just want a new engine because that more than likely means new Half-Life, which definitely means I get my mind blown again by another amazing single player Valve game.

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