95 Hours Later…

95 hours: The time it took me to complete Fallout 3 and all of its DLC. I just finished “The Pitt” last night, and that was the last portion of Fallout 3 I hadn’t tackled yet.

Overall, I would say it was a fun experience. I was happy to be able to transfer my save from the 360 version to the PC version so I could continue where I left off, but with mods and DLC. I decided to give a mini review for each DLC pack:

********************************* WARNING: SPOILERS *********************************


-Broken Steel: This is necessary in order to continue playing after the main quest is over. Unfortunately, the quests were somewhat forgettable (all I really remember was the end, when you get to bomb the Enclave base, which was epic).

-Operation: Anchorage: Kind of the weak one of the bunch. The simulation honestly bored the hell out of me. Couldn’t wait for it to end. The only part I liked was all the gear you get from the vault at the end in the Outcast base, and the deception within the Outcasts was cool.

-Point Lookout: I ended up losing my head over this one. Literally, in fact, as the main character gets a chunk of brain taken out during one of the quests. A little disturbing, especially when it turns out it was the boat driver the whole time! I had a little trouble deciding whether to help the ghoul or the wacky-scientist-turned-bodiless-brain, but in the end I discovered you get basically the same thing. The “dream sequence” thing when you’re getting initiated into the tribe was kind of cool. Even with the engine limitations, they were able to come up with some weird stuff that messes with your head.

-Mothership Zeta: The most combat-heavy of the DLC. I found myself frustrated so many times because I never really carried proper armor late-game, so I had to do a lot of dodging and repairing of my weapons. Also, the health of each alien seemed to be random, so sometimes one would go down in one or two shots, but another one would take forever to kill. The items you get are amazing, though. Some great weapons, and the infinitely useful “Alien Epoxy”, which repairs your weapons without the need for parts or even experience with the repair skill.

-The Pitt: OH MY GOD. THIS ONE MADE ME REALLY ANGRY. Not only did I have to choose between saving the life of a baby, or possibly saving the lives of tons of people, but I ended up making a choice I didn’t want to make BECAUSE THE GAME IS DUMB. IT DOESN’T UNDERSTAND MY SNEAKINESS. I wanted to make Ashur THINK I was on his side by telling him, “Oh yeah, I’ll help you and not that other guy I totally planned on helping before.” But when I took that path, the game TOOK ME SERIOUSLY and I got stuck with that decision. Then, suddenly, I was the bad guy to the slaves, which I didn’t want, and all my dialogue options from then on were things I would never have said. It made me really think about design choices in games, and how you have to think about what players are thinking. Very poor planning on Bethesda’s part, for underestimating the intelligence of their players (I guess they’ve done that from the get-go, what with how easy the game is, at least compared to the original Fallout games). /endrant. Anyway, otherwise, the DLC was good. Nice visual detail and all that. Interesting ideas.

Something I noticed across almost all the DLC was that there was a lot of, “Hey, you did this thing for me, and you’re awesome. Now, I want you to do this endless quest for me that requires you to go find things and bring them back to me for caps.” That was annoying, especially since caps was the last thing I needed. I had over 30,000 at the end of the game, and like 11 shit-tons of gear. No cheats. Also, some people complained about the 30 level cap. I thought it was fine. Twenty was way too low, but 30 gets you all the bells and whistles and plenty of power.

Now, I used a bunch of really cool mods during the course of my wasteland wanderings that helped me out tremendously. I used many, but some of the best were:

-Project Beauty HD: Yes, this helped me out tremendously. Why? I couldn’t stand to look at the ugly vanilla faces anymore! It got to the point where every time a character turned around I’d hear the Psycho shower scene music in my head. This mod made most of the faces in the game much easier on the eyes. Granted, it is a nuclear apocalypse, and realistically, everyone should be pretty ugly what with all the inbreeding and fallout messing up the genes, but hey. It’s a damn game. I want pretty people.

-Enhanced Weather: This was cool, as it added rain and snow effects. Not really “lore-friendly” (canon), but it looks nice nonetheless.

-Fellout: Yet another cosmetic mod. Removes the green overlay effect. Nights are much darker.

-Various texture packs, re-animation packs, and other cosmetic enhancers: There were several of these I downloaded to give the game a better look and feel.

-GNR Enhanced: Adds something like 120 songs to Galaxy News Radio, all from the same period as the songs already in the game. Best mod ever. Too bad the radio is kinda messed up in the PC version (glitchy sound and the primary causer of crashing).

-Sharing and Caring Companions: Basically gives you the ability to recruit almost anyone in the game as a follower, and you can have as many as you want. This was really fun; while experimenting with the mod, I recruited all of Reilly’s Rangers and all of Lyons’ Pride at one point.

All of these and so much more can be found at the Fallout 3 Nexus.

I plan on going through the game again someday and using more mods, like Fallout Wanderer’s Edition, and some that give more realistic injuries and make you have to eat and drink and stuff, but for now I’m done with Fallout 3. New Vegas is definitely up next, though, while I’m still in the Fallout groove. For all their faults, Bethesda’s Fallout games just have something addicting about them…

Now, for this blog, I’m not sure what I’m going to do next. I would like to start up another retro game, and I know exactly which one, but it’s a huge game and I’m not sure yet whether I’ll have time for it. After all, college life starts back up for me in about 2 weeks. I’m going to start Portal 2 very soon, so I may talk about that a bit, in addition to Fallout: New Vegas.

Also, I’m currently working on 2 projects for my YouTube channel. I’ve started recording Silent Hill 2 for my first Let’s Analyze, and trying to edit my other project I’m doing with a friend.

I have various other random things going on as well, so we’ll see what I will and will not have time for.


~ by The Retro Gamer on August 9, 2011.

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