Follow up: 3DS price drop – Nintendo now losing shares, incurring loss

Gamasutra released another article today about Nintendo’s shares, which have fallen to the lowest in six years after the announcement of the 3DS price cut.

Pretty crazy, but the whole “current owners are our most important customers” thing is still getting me. The last sentence in the article:

“Nintendo was also quick to note that current Nintendo 3DS owners are its ‘most important customers,’ after acknowledging that some fans may lose faith in the company.”

Seems to me that since the number of people who own a 3DS is much smaller than the number of people who do not own one, wouldn’t you want to say the opposite? Or perhaps not make any customer any more important than another? I’m not seeing the reasoning behind making a statement like that. As I mentioned in my last post, it makes potential buyers feel inferior, and obviously not as important as people who spent more money. I suppose if that’s the way Nintendo wants to play it, they have a right to. Catering to the people who spend more money. Makes sense.

Gamasutra also reports that every 3DS sold is now a financial loss for the company. Hard to make anything out of that yet. We’ll see how that turns out for them.

I noticed that every source so far has been from Gamasutra haha. I promise I’ll use a wider variety of sources in posts like this in the future, but this was just a bit of news on which I wanted to quickly throw out my opinion.


~ by The Retro Gamer on July 29, 2011.

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