3DS price drop – Great, but are the dog days over for the handheld?

If you haven’t heard yet, Nintendo has decided to drop the price of the 3DS from $250 to $170. As great as that is for consumers, Nintendo’s problems may not be over. This Gamasutra article makes some good points.

On a related note, where are all the 3DS games? I recently read another article expressing this same concern. There weren’t very many 3DS games announced for the handheld’s launch, and not even all of those have been released. Plus, the ones that have been released are at a price difficult to justify (as described in the linked article). I’m getting a sinking feeling here for Nintendo’s ambitious handheld…

Hopefully, this price drop will entice previously reluctant gamers to jump into glasses-free 3D gaming. If not, the 3DS may very well go the way of the Virtual Boy.

EDIT: To add salt to the wound, there’s this article I just read detailing Nintendo’s press release. In my opinion, Nintendo saying that the current 3DS owners are their “most important customers” is just digging them further into a hole. They’re your most important customers just because they decided to fork out the money for your over-priced system? And now any future owners of the handheld are less important? That’s how I see it anyway, and any other potential 3DS buyers will likely see it in a similar way. Also, there’s yet another article on Nintendo’s woes from Gamasutra today, explaining that the company reduced expected profits for the current fiscal year by 82%! Ouch!

Hard times may yet be ahead for Nintendo. Stay tuned.


~ by The Retro Gamer on July 28, 2011.

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