Random thoughts: a Google+ epiphany and laptops of the future

Google+ is the best social networking site out there right now. And I’m here to prove it to you.

GOOGLE+ 101 – Words of wisdom from a beginner

In Google+, you have “circles”. You can learn more about circles on the support page, but for right now, I’m just going to share some things I realized recently that isn’t really explained in detail too many other places.

Concerned about some weirdo adding you to a circle and being able to see your posts and information? Don’t be. If someone adds you to a circle, they cannot see anything on your profile they couldn’t see before. All that happens is you can see things they post in your “Incoming” tab on the left side. If you don’t want to connect with them at all, block them.

When you post on Google+, you can choose who can see the post, and who can’t. It’s not like Facebook/ Twitter, where all your friends/ followers can see everything. You choose who can see what, and when. Also, other people can’t see who you’re sharing with, so you don’t have to worry about offending someone when they see you only shared something with your other friends/ followers/ people/ whatever.

Laptops – They need to be redesigned, or we’re all going to have scoliosis

On a completely different subject, I was thinking about laptops today, and how advanced they have become. Take the new Asus G74, for example. Super powerful computer packed into portable plastic casing. A hefty price tag, but considering the specs, not too bad.

Now, the only problem with laptops is that they’re not ergonomic. The way laptops are designed, with the monitor permanently attached to the keyboard, makes them a primary causer of back problems. No matter where you set the thing, you’re doing some kind of damage. If it’s on your desk with the monitor at eye level, then prolonged use is hurting your wrists. If it’s on your keyboard tray, then your wrists are okay, but your neck and upper back is strained trying to look down at the monitor. You could hook the lappy up to an external monitor, sure. But then the laptop’s monitor would be in the way. That’s where my idea comes in.

Laptop monitors need to be detachable. Whenever you want to go out somewhere with your computer, snap the monitor in and take it. But when you’re at home and just want to relax at the desk and surf the web or work or whatever, just snap the monitor out, place the bottom half of the laptop on your keyboard tray, hook up to an external monitor and boom. You’ve got a very compact but very powerful portable PC.


~ by The Retro Gamer on July 19, 2011.

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