Summer blues

Hey folks, quick update here.

I beat Fallout 3 a while back, then moved to the PC version to check out some mods. Awesomesauce, I must say. I then discovered I could move my 360 save to the PC version and it was even more awesomesauce. Now I can play the DLC with my old character without spending $50 in downloads for the 360 DLC (I kid you not. It’s cheaper to buy the game with the DLC right now than it is to just buy the DLC on Live). Bethesda did a pretty good job on the DLC from what I’ve played so far (Broken Steel, Operation: Anchorage, and Point Lookout). Point Lookout crashed a lot for me at first, but it seems to be okay now.

I’ve been getting back into Dead Rising lately. Capcom’s “summer vacation” away from Raccoon City. Fun stuff.

I’m currently finishing up helping a friend edit a short film we made for a competition. It’s Blade Runner inspired/ cyberpunk, and it’s called 2020 Noir. I starred in it, so I’ve been working hard on that for the past couple weeks. After we’re done, I will attempt to finally get that YouTube channel started.

Yep, that’s me. Just a still from the movie.

My plan for the YT channel is to start a series or two, put some gameplay videos up and stuff, and make it an extension of this blog. I also have some bigger stuff planned for the future that I’m working on in secret, and that’s going well so far. I’ll keep you posted on when I get the ball rolling.


~ by The Retro Gamer on July 18, 2011.

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