“Star Wars Galaxies” finally shut down after eight years

Here’s some old game news for ya, folks.

Sony Online Entertainment is finally giving Star Wars Galaxies the axe after eight years. Eight years! As the Yahoo! story points out, that is a damn long time in game years. I mean, TF2 is still getting changes, and it’s been going four years strong. People called that a long time, but SWG has been at it twice as long. According to the comments on the article, there were some changes to the gameplay recently that made it not as fun, so perhaps this termination is for the better.

SOE president John Smedly says it felt like the right time for the game to end because of the new game coming in 2012, which is when their contract ends, anyway. I suppose that’s fair, though at the same time, he said the population of SWG hasn’t significantly decreased lately, so it’s not like they’re losing revenue. Plus, SOE isn’t going to be running The Old Republic, so why would they care if all the attention goes to that? They should just be thinking about their devoted players still paying money for an eight-year-old game.

Anyway, even though I never played the game, it’s still always sad to me to see online games die. So, Star Wars Galaxies, as your servers are shut down, and your presence begins to fade, I say, from the bottom of my heart… may the force be with you.


~ by The Retro Gamer on June 28, 2011.

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