P.N.03 – Closing thoughts


I finished P.N.03. It was pretty short (11 missions), and I had to skip mission 8 using a cheat because the emulator crashes at a certain point on that mission (a widespread, unsolvable issue).

OH NOEZ SPOILER ALERT! Her eyes are blue.

Overall, I think it was worth going through once. The story was crap; the twist at the end was the most interesting part, but it was too late and too little. They just crammed pretty much all the story into the last couple of missions. However, the gameplay was entertaining, and they kept it from getting too terribly repetitive by giving you tougher enemies each mission. I still wish they would have used the movement system from Devil May Cry, rather than RE4 (even though RE4 uses a modified version of the P.N.03 engine, but that’s beside the point). It would feel so much more fluid that way, and might actually be more addictive and worth playing through again.

I laughed when Jennifer Hale’s name came up on the screen during the credits as the voice of Vanessa. Hale is in, like, EVERYTHING. She is the voice of every major female character in every video game, ever. Well, not really, but she does get a ridiculous amount of work. Probably because she has a very flexible voice. She can alter her voice in such a way that it makes her sound like a completely different person, which allows her to fit almost any role. Anyway, Vanessa only has a few lines near the end of the game.

Jennifer Hale. The voice of Vanessa Z. Schneider, female Commander Shepard, Bastila Shan, Dr. Naomi Hunter, Samus Aran, and many others.

I suppose that’s about all there is to say. I probably shouldn’t ramble if I don’t really have anything to say, because it just wastes your time and mine. How about a picture n’ caption train?

WARNING: A couple of screens I took from cutscenes kinda sorta contain spoilers. So… if, for whatever reason, you ever decide to play this game… and you just can’t bear to know what happens at the end… don’t look at the pictures, I guess.


Random shot of the pause menu.


Looks like he’s having some difficulties.




Here’s two sequences of shots I took to give a better sense of motion:

As always, check my Photobucket for more screenshots.

Until next time.

~ by The Retro Gamer on June 18, 2011.

2 Responses to “P.N.03 – Closing thoughts”

  1. I just pulled out my Gamecube last week and started playing this game again. I had such an urge to play the game and I remember why now. Even though this game did have low ratings and could have been better, its my favorite Gamecube game of all time. I have so many hours logged on this game its unbelievable, I just wish they would make another one so I don’t have to keep playing this one to get my satisfaction 😛

    • Thanks for the comment, that’s cool that it’s your favorite. 🙂 I wish I would have gotten to play it on Gamecube back when it was new. The emulator had so many issues running it… XD

      Like I said in the post, I really wish they would have used the DMC engine so the combat would be more fluid. Would have made it more exciting for me. At the same time, someone on YouTube pointed out it’s basically Space Invaders in 3D… with robots and a hot girl haha. XD But still, it’s that basic dodge and shoot mechanic.

      That would be insane if there were ever a sequel at this point! But you never know, Capcom might decide to revive it for a 360 and/ or PS3 outing. 🙂

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