I’m tickled pink to be playing Fallout 3 again

Get it? Because there’s that song in the- Yeah, I’m lame.

Anywho, I’ve been playing through Fallout 3 (360) again. I lost my save a while back when my hard drive died, and I never finished the game, so I figured now would be a decent time to start it back up.

I can’t take screenies or videos, unfortunately, so I’ll just share some experiences and thoughts here as I think of them.

God, I love the music in this game.

The Galaxy News Radio soundtrack is so catchy. I have several songs stuck in my head and they’re not coming out any time soon. Listening to that while traveling around the wastes is surprisingly not distracting at all.

One complaint I have with the game is the freaking Gamebryo engine. I’ve always hated that engine. Combat is decent with it, but the movement animations bother me to no end. That’s a personal preference, but I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks so. It isn’t just the animations, either. The engine seems really limited in features. I dunno, maybe it’s just what Bethesda decided to do with F3 and Oblivion, but I dislike it. I think both Oblivion and F3 are great games, they’re just… lacking in certain areas. I don’t feel as immersed, for example, when my character looks like they’re gliding around on roller skates with a crappy run animation as a facade. Again, my opinion.

Also, I feel like the game could have used more depth (and again, I blame the engine, though that isn’t the only thing to blame). A relationship system, for example, would have been nice. A few other things could have been added for more realism, such as limbs coming off still-living characters and the possible ghoulification of the player (I can reach the maximum RAD level without dying and not become a ghoul? Three Dog says I can, but he lied, apparently). I suppose Bethesda just really wanted to get the story down… and V.A.T.S., which is well done and tons of fun.

One thing the engine does right is the sneaking/ stealth system. That seems to work well based on character level. Proficiency in weapons and other skills based on level works nicely, too.

The recreation of the D.C. area is nice. There are some very chilling and breathtaking vistas in this game.


~ by The Retro Gamer on May 18, 2011.

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